Plavo Sunce

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Plavo Sunce (Blue sun)

The sun is the brightest star and bearer of life. It can be blue on occasion, although this phenomenon is rare. This is why we chose Blue sun (Plavo Sunce) to be the name of our restaurant and we made it our mission to prepare you special food you can enjoy!

Margarita tomato sauce,mozzarella,fresh basil,olive oil 45,00 kn
Buffalina tomato sauce,mozzarella di buffala,cherry tomatoes,basil,olive oil 55,00 kn
Burratinaina tomato sauce,burrata,cherry tomatoes,basil,olive oil 60,00 kn
Chiara tomato sauce,mozzarella,boiled ham,basil,olive oil 50,00 kn
Roma tomato sauce,mozzarella,boiled ham,fresh champignones,pancetta,cherry,basil,olive oil 60,00 kn
Rustica tomato sauce,mozzarella,bacon,pancetta,sausage picante,cherry tomatoes,basil,olive oil,peperoncini 65,00 kn
Vrganj mozzarella,forest mushrooms ,smoked neck,basil,rukola,burrata,olive oil 90,00 kn
Calabrese tomato sauce,mozzarella,cherry tomatoes,marinated tuna,capers,corn,onions,olives,basil,olive oil 60,00 kn
Dream from the Sljeme forest mozzarella,mushrooms ragu,smoked neac,chestnuts,truffel oil,rukola,burrata,olive oil 95,00 kn
Pumpkin & Co. mozzarella,smoked neck,pumpkin cream,cherry tomatos,rucola, 70,00 kn
Rucola & bresaola tomato sauce,mozzarella,cherry tomatos,rucola,bresaola,grana padano,burrata,olive oil 80,00 kn
Plavo Sunce homemade bread roll stuffed with tastefull surprise 100,00 kn
Prosuttienko tomato sauce,mozzarella,cherry tomatoes,rucola,prosciutto,grana padano,olives,olive oil 75,00 kn
Motovun mozzarella,truffle cream,pancetta,rucola,grana padano,burrata,olive oil 90,00 kn
Vegetariana tomato sauce,mozzarella,cherry tomatoes,grilled zucchini,eggplants,bell peppers,corn,basil,olives,olive oil 50,00 kn
Salads (main course)
Chicken & orange grilled chicken breast,lettuce,cherry tomatoes,bell peppers,mozzarella di buffala,orange file,spring onion,pumpkin seeds,lemon dressing 60,00 kn
Adriatic lettuce,cherry tomatoes,prawns,pesto genovese,pine nuts,lemon dressing 90,00 kn
Vege lettuce,mozzarella di buffala,cherry tomatoes,grilled zucchini,eggplants,bell peppers,pumpkin seeds,lemon dressing 45,00 kn
Pear & prosciutto lettuce,cherry tomatoes,grilled pear,prosciutto,lemon dressing 55,00 kn
Kali lettuce,cherry,sping onion,mozzarella di buffala,bell peppers,poached egg,marinated tuna,lemon dressing 60,00 kn
Lasagne alla bolognese pasta,bolognese sauce,bechamel sauce,cheese 65,00 kn
A`ll tonno penne rigate,tomato sauce,capers,olives,basil,tuna,olive oil 60,00 kn
Prawns & zucchini hand made pasta(šurlice),prawns,zucchini,cherry,buttergrana padano,olive oil 70,00 kn
Amatriciana bucatini,tomato sauce,panceta,onion,basil,peperoncini,olive oil 65,00 kn
Veli Jože/Joseph the Great pasta,butter,truffel cream,grana padano 80,00 kn
Carbonara spaghetti,panceta,butter,egg yolk,grana padano,olive oil 60,00 kn
Vegetables & chicken rice,zucchini,carrot,cherry tomatoes,eggplants,tomato sauce,chiken breast,butter 65,00 kn
Pumpkin & Co. rice,mushrooms,panceta,pumpkin cream,spring onion,cherry tomatoes,butter,grana padano,pumpkin seeds 65,00 kn
Prawns rice,cherry tomatoes,prawns,butter,grana padano,olive oil 80,00 kn
Vrganj rice,mushrooms,truffel cream,rucola,grana padano,butter,olive oil 90,00 kn
Malelingue sweet fried dough whit nutella 18,00 kn
Daily cake (upon request) 18,00 kn
Homemade cookies cookies with oatmeal, chocolate chips, raisins and walnuts 7,00 kn
Medica freshly baked homemade scone filled with ricotta cheese,lemon zest and honey 25,00 kn
Foccacia dough,olive oil,grana padano 20,00 kn
Bread 10,00 kn

About us


Why have we chosen to offer you culinary pleasure?
Jasmina Dereta, owner

For quite some time I believed my involvement in this business started by accident. Then, after some thought, I realized it was quite the opposite. I remembered that ever since I was a little girl, I have adored pommes frites. But, not any kind of pommes frites! I knew exactly the way it should be cut, the taste it should have, how salty it should be, and the way in which it should be served. However, my mother - who did most of the cooking in my family - did not shared my enthusiasm for fine details (a potato is just a potato she used to say). I then realized that if I wanted to eat pommes frites the way I desired it to be, there was no option but to prepare it myself. And that is how it all started.

After finishing school I worked in various restaurants and kitchens. The real turning point was the restaurant Marcellino - restaurant in Croatia that was well ahead of its time. It was there that I learned the most important lesson: cooking can be alchemy! From then on I learned to approach every meal with great attention to detail, whether I was preparing expensive truffles or “ordinary” potatoes. After working at Marcellino it was impossible to find a restaurant with such a refined approach to cuisine. Following several years of searching in vain, my husband and I decided to open our own place.

I realize that words alone cannot convey our approach to cuisine and firmly believe the best way of seeing what I am talking about is to visit Plavo Sunce and to try some of our dishes for yourself.”Jasmina Dereta, owner

How we cook?

Our guests deserve the best. This is why we try our hardest to break out of routine habits of preparing food, and present it to you in a new way; above all with lots of passion. We prepare everything ourselves - even our bases, sauces, jams and marinades…
To ensure that the food will be of the highest quality, and that you will enjoy the most supreme delights, we exclusively use seasonal foodstuffs from local producers, easily digestible flour from Caputo mill made from organically grown wheat, especially known for its specific ration of starch, carbohydrate, and protein, with no additives. In short, we serve the very best local and Italian products available.
It is our wish that Plavo Sunce’s cuisine will offer you a new experience, create a positive reaction, tickle your imagination, and bring together the seemingly incompatible.


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Meridijan 16, I floor, Gračanska street 208, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
GPS coordinates: Lat: 45.862151 N, Lon: 15.985346 E

Plavo Sunce is located in the north of Zagreb, near to the mountain Medvednica. It is 15 mins from the city centre (by car or tram). The restaurant location is easily reachable and it is well connected to the city centre by public transport (tram or bus).

The space is very comfortable, and guests can choose from the food and desserts in the restaurants space, in the semi-open lounge space, or in summer, outside on the terrace with a view of the nearby hills. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the space has been wonderfully designed and guests have their own conversational privacy. Thanks to the spaciousness and quality layout of the restaurants, Plavo Sunce is also an excellent place for those visiting with children, prams and buggies, and shopping items bought in the nearby shopping centre.

We are also dog friendly.

For those visiting us by car (and also wish to do their shopping in the Meridian Centre) there is a large carpark.

So, if you want something nice to eat, to go for a drink or to just take a break for coffee and dessert - Plavo Sunce is the place for you.


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Working hour: 10:00 - 22:00, Sunday closed.
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Pizzeria "Plavo Sunce"
Meridijan 16, I floor, Gračanska street 208,
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 99 822 3660
GPS coordinates: Lat: 45.862151 N, Lon: 15.985346 E